Success Stories 

In the middle of 2017 we’ve presented for the first time on the Bulgarian market micro.bg - a unique online store!

And just a few months later, the web-based platform has established itself as a reliable, flexible and budgeting solution.

The micro.bg platform has been selected among the 3 nominee projects, specially awarded by BAIT at the category "Successful Bulgarian ICT Product for 2017".

Multilingualism and localization for different countries makes the online system suitable for all Bulgarians around the world.

Customers on the platform have a different profile and business model, but what unites them is the general need for good control, high efficiency and guaranteed protection. Find below some interesting business case cases demonstrating the wide range of applications that micro.bg offers.






Client: Morato Furniture

Focus and challenges:

  • Furniture design and production
  • A warehous and 2 showrooms

"Morato Furniture" is among the largest companies in Bulgaria for furniture design and production.

Results and optimization with micro.bg:

  • Distant monitoring

micro.bg tracks the entire process from receiving a customer request through ordering inventories, delivering and investing them in production to costing.

With the cloud platform Morato Mebel manage both their production bases and their showrooms in Sofia and Burgas - the communication and document flow in the different units of the company is happening without any challenges.

Flexibility of the product allows corrections and changing the original concept of the end product on the go.

Remote reporting and monitoring of business results is available at any time.



Client: Bakery corner box

Focus and challenges:

  • Bread and pastry production

"Bakery Corner Box" is a handicraft bakery in Sofia for handmade bread and healthy pastry.

Results and optimization with micro.bg:

  • Documents management
  • Front office with a touchscreen

The need for a comprehensive and timely planning of raw material costs makes team select micro.bg. In the “Production” module, analysis is carried out by monitoring the fixed recipes for each individual product, which also helps to precisely determine its cost.

Another aspect of the use of micro.bg is the management of document circulation with large food chains - issuance of receipts, invoices, debit and credit notes, etc.






Client: Svetulka.BG

Focus and challenges:

  • Online shop
  • More than 10 000 clients
  • More than 20 orders/day

"Svetulka.bg" is an online store for baby and children's clothes. With over 10,000 end customers, the store is an example of a successful family business.

Results and optimization with micro.bg:

With micro.bg, its owners effectively manage revenue and costs, as well as the loyal customer program. Items in the store are structured into separate groups and subgroups for greater convenience and easier monitoring of availability. Another positive of the work with micro.bg is also the graphic visualization of the items through the commercial screen.

All this leads to the optimization of the minimum stocks in the warehouse, easier monitoring of the availability, fast and quality service of everyday customer orders.









Client: Professional Food

Focus and challenges:

  • Food & wine shop

"Professional Food" is a store for high-end food products and boutique wines located in the corporate part of the capital - Business Park Sofia.

The store is visited by a large number of customers and their fast and easy service through the commercial screen is crucial for the smooth running of the workflow as well as to its image.

Results and optimization with micro.bg:

  • Connection to a cash register
  • Inventory via barcodes

Thanks to working with barcodes, supplies and inventory management is easy and not time-consuming.

An important accent here is the connection of micro.bg with different models of cash registers.


Do you also want a more successful business with an easy and profitable tool for managing it?! We’d be happy to demonstrate it to you because we are sure you will like it. Submit your request for presentation now!

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