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Use Micro.bg on multiple devices!

So many options are available!


One of the main advantages of the Micro.bg platform is that You have access to all of its resources and functionalities from any hardware device. This gives You flexibility in selecting equipment for your business without any limitations on technical specifications, speed or operating system. You only need an active Internet connection!

By using Micro.bg on a tablet or other mobile device, You get a modern tool for remotely process of orders from customers in a restaurant or at a retail shop.

The access to Micro.bg via a POS terminal gives you a complete system of sales, tracking of stocks and payments at any place in Your location, warehouse or office.

Micro.bg also offers connection to various peripherals such as barcode scanners, fiscal and non-fiscal printers, cash registers, label printers, weighing scales to offer you maximum speed and convenience.


We’d like to present You a special selection of hardware devices and accessories that complement the functionality of Micro.bg. They are selected to ensure full compatibility with the platform, pre-tested, with warranty and service included.

Here you will find ideas and suggestions on how to own a fully-completed commercial or restaurant system with excellent performance and at an extremely affordable price.

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ПОС терминал       Таблет       Баркод скенер       Кухненски принтер

POS terminal

Elegant solution for every workstation.



Provides convenient, fast and mobile customer service. A large set of devices.


Barcode Scanner

For quick marking and sell of items by scanning barcodes.


Thermal Printer

For printing orders and notes to the kitchen or bar. Option for different USB / Serial / Ethernet connection.



Монитор с тъч скрийн        Клавиатура с магнетен четец        PinPad       

 Касов апарат


Screen 15.1"

Resistive Touchscreen

TRUE-FLAT touchscreen for quick and easy work.


Keyboard with magnetic reader 

Ideal solution for working with cards, promotions and loyal programs. Convenient for fast data entry.


 Integrated bank terminal

Versatile mobile payment solution. Significantly reduces transaction time.


Cash register

Printing fiscal notes meeting the latest legal requirements.


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